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Advanced periodontal treatment

Advanced periodontal treatment

In this more advanced stage of gum disease, the fibers and bone in your teeth are destroyed, which can cause tooth destruction and may need to be removed by a dental professional. The dentist will provide options to the patient if the teeth are removed due to gum disease.

Advanced gingivitis is treated with an ultrasound scaler to remove plaque, skin and food debris above and below the gum line. Laser treatments are also sometimes used to remove tartar deposits.

Smile correction

Smile correction

An aesthetic treatment that seeks to achieve a more balanced smile.

There are many different types of treatments, and the choice of one or the other will depend on the root cause of the problem, whether dental, skeletal or muscular.  
To restore the shape and function of your smile, dental crowns are a very popular treatment. A crown is a specially made “cap” shaped like a tooth that is permanently placed over the natural tooth.

Your teeth may weaken over time, and your dentist may recommend crowns for many reasons. It can be used to rebuild and strengthen an endodontically treated tooth, a poorly shaped tooth cap, or to cover dental implants. Crowns are also often used to enhance a natural-looking smile.

The types of crowns we offer are Zirconia and Emax.

In addition to the veneers, which is a very thin lens in the color of the natural teeth that is placed over your front teeth to hide dental defects. They can be shaped and color-matched with precision so that when placed over your existing teeth, they create the appearance of flawless, natural teeth. Besides masking any cracks, stains or gaps, teeth can be sculpted to a specific size to make your teeth look perfectly aligned, giving you a beautiful smile line.

Dental fillings

Dental fillings

Dental fillings cast in Turkey are among the types of dental fillings that you may not have heard about. Often your dentist advised you to get a crown or a filling only to restore the place of decay.

In general, traditional cosmetic fillings are used to fill small cavities after removing dental caries, while crowns are used when there is a large fracture or loss that must be covered.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal

The term "root canal" comes from the process of cleaning the canals within the root of a tooth. Decades ago, root canal treatments were often painful.

 With the advancement of dentistry and local anesthesia, most patients feel less pain during root canal treatment, if they feel it at all.

Calendar and brackets

Calendar and brackets

Orthodontic Brackets, their parts and types

 Brackets Brackets, or what is known as Brackets, are an essential part of the fixed orthodontic device that is installed on the crown of the tooth vestibularly (buccal) often and sometimes lingually.

It is considered a passive component of the fixed orthodontic device, as it is the square part that the patient sees and the orthodontic wire is installed on.

 Fixed orthosis parts (active and ineffective) and advantages and disadvantages of fixed orthosis.

Dental implants

Dental implants

Dental implant surgery

It is a process in which the roots of the teeth are replaced with metal supports similar to screws, and the damaged or missing tooth is replaced with an artificial tooth that closely resembles real teeth in terms of appearance and performance.

Implant surgery may provide an acceptable alternative to dentures or dental bridges that do not fit properly, and may provide an option when natural tooth roots do not allow dentures or dental bridge replacements.

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Patient Information

1.How do I know if my teeth are healthy?

  • There are some symptoms that indicate that the teeth are not healthy, such as:
  1. Teeth pain.
  2. pain when biting.
  3. Holes or pits in the teeth.
  4. Teeth sensitivity to hot or cold foods.
  5. Pus around the teeth, especially when pressing on the gums.
  6. Mild to severe pain when consuming sweets or sugary drinks.

2.How can I improve my oral hygiene?

  • Tongue cleaning.
  • Use mouthwash.
  • Using dental floss.
  • Brushing teeth regularly.
  • Visit the dentist at least once a year.

3.How do I protect my teeth from decay?

  • Wash your mouth.
  • Visit the dentist regularly.
  • Eat foods that maintain dental health.
  • Avoid eating snacks or soft drinks a lot.
  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste after eating or drinking.

4.Why are regular dental evaluations so important?

The mouth is one of the main protective barriers to human health, so regular follow-up must be maintained in order to avoid developing more serious problems.

5.How often should I visit my dentist?

Many people think that seeing the dentist twice a year is a good rate, but the truth is that everyone has their own needs. Therefore, it depends on the oral health, habits and health conditions of the individual.

1.How often should I visit my dentist?

Everyone's needs are different, so talk to your dentist about how often you need to have your teeth checked based on the condition of your mouth, teeth, and gums. It is recommended that children see their dentist at least once a year.

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